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Filter entering water and use mixes with Filter Isolation Technology.

If you are looking for the best water bottle with a filter then FIT Top and the FIT Top Bottles are your best filtered water bottles or best water filtration bottles. The FIT water bottle is a safe water bottle, a cool water bottle, and one of the best BPA free water bottles available. FIT Top is a personal water bottle with a filter or a water bottle that filters water as it enters and a water bottle with a filter inside that allows you to drink healthy water. We are compatible with many popular water bottles so you can turn your current standard or filtered water bottle into a filtering water bottle with a big pour flip top opening. Other water bottles with filters will filter as the water exits so you carry dirty water around. FIT Top and FIT Top Bottles are reusable water bottles with filters at the inlet or a water filtering bottle that is one of the top filtered water bottles on the market today. FIT also stands for Filter Isolation Technology which makes us the only filter bottle to protect the filter from mixes. Other filters for water bottles are not protected. Give our water filter water bottle a try and when you complete your water bottle with filter review you will agree that FIT is a cool water bottle, a safe water bottle, the best water bottle with a filter for healthy water, and one of the best BPA free water bottles available!